These are some of the key wireless technologies that we are currently working on with our partners


TDMA is rapidly becoming a hot topic for WiFi Communications. At Abicom we identified back in 2001 that synchronous WiFi solutions were the key to improving wireless performance outdoors.  The use of, what is now referred to TDMA, enables long distance WiFi clients to overcome issues such as Hidden Nodes, and near/far collisions.

In fact, the latest 802.11ax standard identified TDMA as a core technology, and is now utilising this to enable UL-OFDMA.

Abicom’s TDMA solutions can be applied to legacy 802.11a/n/ac technologies and operated in two distinct modes, Tightly coupled, which is good for video streaming applications, and loosley coupled, which is superior for long distance wireless.

Long range Wireless

Abicom started with a background in developing wireless solutions for outdoor transmission. Over the years we have developed technologies to enable standard WiFi chipsets to operate at up to distances of 55km!

We’re currently working on techniques to extend this, and one of our client’s prototypes has recently demonstrated operation at over 100 miles.

High transmit power
For bespoke customer developments, we can offer design capabilites up to 5 Watts transmit power. However such systems may be restricted in how and where they can be used. 
Non standard Frequency Products

Our background in early Wi-Fi engineering puts us at an advantage for developing non-standard products. We can offer the ability to extend the current wireless frequency range, for example to support the Indian UNII Band D frequency range (5.825 – 5.875 GHz),  through to bespoke frequency converter products  covering 700MHz – 2.1GHz and even higher than 6GHZ.

Non standard frequency products may be restricted in how and where they can be used

Our Tightly coupled TDMA solutions are a perfrect chice for high speed mobile applications where client devices need to rapidly roam between base stations. We’re working on an exciting development for this, and will make an announcement soon!
Rapid roaming
Rapid roaming is a technology that enables a client to switch between AP or Base devices within 200mS, without loss of data. This technology is currently being trialed alongside our Mobile and Long range TDMA solutions.