Design Services


Qualcomm Authorised Design Centre

As one of a limited number of Qualcomm Authorised Design Centres (AADC/QADC) worldwide, Abicom is in a unique position to offer its clients unparalleled access to the most advanced WiFi chipsets on the market. This partnership has already helped our clients successfully develop and manufacture products ranging from standard 802.11 access points to niche market applications. We can provide both support to your existing Atheros based product and Technology licensing for new clients.

Licensed Frequency Product Design
If you are thinking about using a licensed band for your wireless connectivity, then Abicom can help you through the process. We have broad experience in developing cost conscious systems for both licensed and unlicensed bands. Our current facilities allow us to develop systems between 900MHz and 22GHz.

High performance wireless protocols, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Systems
If you require a high bandwidth, secure system then Abicom is the company for you. Our engineers have many years experience in developing high speed campus network designs and have seen many of these designs into full scale volume production.

World-Wide Certification Expertise
Abicom’s engineers have experience in gaining certification, throughout the world, for a wide variety of wireless products. We have successfully gained type approval for both Wireless Lan (802.11), and FWA (point to multipoint) systems. We have also dealt successfully with American (FCC), European (ETSI) and Japanese (MKK) regulatory authorities.

Wireless Protocol Development
Our engineers have many years experience in developing wireless protocols for a range of niche applications. Recently we have demonstrated our ability to take standard 802.11 protocols and modify them to deliver a significant improvement in performance.

Flexible Service
Abicom’s flexibility allows us to offer a wide range of services. We can help you in all aspects of design, manufacturing, system installation and planning.