Outdoor Solutions

Abicom’s brand FreeSpace Networks supplies a range of leading high performance industrial outdoor point to point wireless bridging solutions. Our range of wireless products deliver an unparalleled level of performance and enable SECURE and cost effective deployment of Wi-fi across short and long range distances. Why pay for leasing for expensive optical fibres over short distances when you can use FreeSpace to network effortlessly?

Using our products Network installers and systems integrators are now able to expand networks beyond physical wired boundaries. Unlike standard technology the robustness of our technology ensures better connectivity in harsh environments and is the perfect solution for all your data, voice and video transmission requirements.

Accessories and Antennas are also available.

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The FS1000N Wireless Point to Point Bridge Kit is a high throughput industrial wireless bridge system that delivers over 200Mbit/sec to the end user. The FS1000N has been specifically designed to deliver optimum performance over a distance of 1.6km.

The FS1000N integrates FreeSpace Networks’ leading edge SC450 platform, a fully integrated MIMO antenna and powerful 700MHz CPU.

An Optional 802.11ac version, delivering over 600Mbit/sec is also available

All 5Ghz license exempt frequencies are supported and the device has been optimised for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) applications such as data, voice and wireless CCTV.

The FS2000N and FS2000AC Wireless Point to Point Bridge Kits are the latest addition to our ever expanding range of products built upon FreeSpace Networks’ latest leading edge 802.11n & 802.11ac  wireless platforms.The FS2000N/AC is presented in a robust aluminum cast IP67 housing and boasts a fully integrated high power MIMO 2×2 21dBi antenna and a fully directional pole and wall mounting kit. Complete with FreeSpace Networks’ powerful onboard WEB server with integrated wireless management tools and PoE as standard the feature packed FS2000 is simple to use, configure and install.The FS2000N/AC provides a radical leap in performance when compared to existing 802.11a solutions with up to 6 times the data throughput and capable of providing a secure high capacity 600 Mbps data link at a range’s of up to 10km.