OEM Wireless Routers

Freedom Series – Dual and multi-channel wireless routers

The Freedom Series group of products deliver unparalleled high performance OEM Wireless Routers dual concurrent AP/Router/Bridge solutions .

Particularly suited to outdoor Fixed Wireless Applications (FWA), the Freedom FWA builds upon the strength of, Abicom’s partnership with Atheros communications and features the industry’s only custom-designed WLAN network processor.



Our most powerful, multi radio solution for fixed wireless outdoor applications!The Freedom FWA is based upon the Atheros AR7161 Wireless SoC and can deliver dual-band, multi-channel, 2.4GHz/5.8GHz capability and offers a total maximum throughput of over 600 Mbit/sec, when 3 radios are fitted.The Freedom FWA supports gigabit enabled Power over Ethernet, but can also be operated from a 12V supply.Maximum transmission rate per radio is 300Mbit/sec, delivering over 210 Mbit/sec usable throughput, with a typical RF output power of 26dBm.

The Freedom FWA is ideally suited for point to point or point to multipoint applications, but can also operate as a traditional Access Point.

PDF download iconDownload the FreedomFWA Datasheet



Based upon the AR7161 WLAN-NPU, the Freedom Nx2 incorporates all of the key components needed to deliver high-performance, secure, dual concurrent AP/Router/Bridge 802.11n solutions. The simultaneous, dual radio 3×3 MIMO capability enables a PHY bandwidth of 600Mbit/sec to be achieved.


PDF download iconDownload the Freedom Nx2 Datasheet