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Warwick tech company secures a series of global contracts

Dakota DK1750WBU

November 2019. We’re pleased to announce the DK1750 WBU, a form factor compatible upgrade to our SC450 card. Data sheets will be available soon, the device supports 2×2 11ng+2×2 11ac concurrently and has an optional Bluetooth LE transceiver. Please contact Abicom for more information.

SC1750 IAP

June 2019. SC1750IAP enclosure is now available to house the SC1750 wireless bridge card. This modular enclosure will allow the SC1750 to be installed into industrial environments and has provision for supporting both 2.4 & 5GHz operation

Dakota DK1750M Announced

February 2018. Our IPQ40XX based dual band, dual concurrent WiFi module is shaping up. We’re hoping to have it ready for client evaluation within a matter of days.  Data sheets and performance reports will be available soon.

Scorpion TDMA Solutions

October 2017.We’ve been busy working on a range of TDMA synchronous solutions for the SC1750 and SC450 platforms. This solution overcomes the issues experienced with hidden node problems, and the addition of GPS synchronisation, can alleviate the reduction in RX sensitivity seen with high concentrations of AP Base stations.

Please contact Abicom to discuss this solution further.

Scorpion SC450 – FS1000

July 2016. We’ve just completed CE certification for the SC450  in both bare board, and enclosed formats. This includes full compliance for UNII-3 and EN302-501 (5725MHz – 5875MHz).


Scorpion SC300M, SC450 and SC1750 Platforms announced

Jan 2016. Our range of QCA9550 based wireless platforms are taking shape. These platforms offer industrial temperature operation, and up to 26dBm output power on each chain. Three formats are available, offering a wide choice of operating frequencies and modes.

We’ve moved

September 2015. We’ve moved into new offices at the Warwick Innovation Centre, Warwick Technology park. Our new contact details can be found here


Abicom provides Wi-Fi access to the Rock and Bowl festival

May 2015. Abicom international successfully provides Wi-Fi coverage  for the Rock and Bowl music festival. We’ve deployed a range of 802.11ac back haul and 802.11 a/n/g dual band, dual concurrent access points to provide wireless internet coverage during the 3 day event. At peak times we’ve been seeing over 250 users accessing each of the hotspots.  Pictures from the event, and more info about Rock and Bowl, can be found on our Facebook  page. For more information about our range of outdoor Wireless Access Points and bridges, please take a look at out products pages.


Abicom announces two new embedded OEM platforms

April 2015. We must apologise for the lack of news here! We’ve been very busy working on new wireless platforms, and are pleased to announce the SC300M and sc1750. These devices target the OEM Product sector, and the Wi-Fi router sectors. We’re actively working with partner companies at the moment to deploy these systems. Watch this space for more information

Abicom acquired FreeSpace Networks

Abicom International has now completed the acquisition of FreeSpace Networks. We feel that this is a great opportunity for Abicom to offer a full range of solutions ranging from OEM/Custom boards to ready to install outdoor data units.As part of this acquisition we will be offering our new Scorpion 450 board in the FS1000 enclosure. Please contact us for more information


OpenWRT Documentation for FreedomCPE

OpenWRT Documentation can now be found here!

Abicom announces OpenWRT support for the Freedom CPE wireless bridge router.

After months of collaboration with the Opensource community, we’re please to announce that the Freedom CPE 802.11abg wireless router has been added to the list of products supported by OpenWRT.

PlugNsurf selects Abicom as its OEM development partner.

Leading wireless connectivity provider, Plugnsurf, has selected Abicom to jointly develop  Wobe. The Wobe seamlessly integrates Wi-fi and 3G mobile technologies to provide an unparalleled level of internet connectivity.

Freedom Nx2 wireless module upgraded to +26dBm at both 2.4 & 5.xGHz modes

The first production samples of the new high power 802.11n modules are now available and deliver up to 26dBm output power at 5GHz..