About Abicom


About Us
Abicom International was founded in 2001 to provide professional design, development and consultancy services. We live up to our name and have a truly international client base. We now offer a broad portfolio of “off the shelf” through our FreeSpace Networks brand and customisable “OEM” solutions through Abicom.

We Provide
We offer a range of products and OEM services, from custom radio designs, Access Point hardware, to fully integrated wireless networking equipment. We also offer full wireless protocol development, for applications that cannot be supported by standard 802.11 protocols.

We have developed a strong background in Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) systems (point to point and point to multipoint) and our engineers have developed products for both 802.11 and non 802.11 radio systems.

Abicom’s expertise helps customers deliver high performance products targeting both mainstream and niche markets worldwide. Abicom’s key personnel have over 30 years combined experience in many areas of communications technology, with a strong focus on Wireless ISP-related and outdoor wireless equipment design. Our team is able to provide solutions ranging from general standards-based systems through to high-performance, enhanced systems that have a competitive edge over competing technologies.

Abicom’s team has had key roles in several aspects of high-speed wireless systems, including involvement in the IEEE 802.11 and Japanese standards, related patents, the design and manufacture of the first high-rate (10Mbps) wireless data product to be approved under FCC spread-spectrum rules, and the development of the highest-speed wireless bridge available using 802.11b hardware.

In the past couple of years, Abicom International has been working with clients to help develop the next generation of high speed  802.11ac/ax  and fixed wireless access systems (FWA).

Key areas of expertise include:

  •   RF and Hardware Design
  •   System Analysis and Design
  •   Signal Processing
  •   MAC Protocol Design – including protocol development and firmware programming
  •   Embedded System Design and Development
  •   FPGA Design
  •   Worldwide Certification Experience