Custom Development

Here are some of our past bespoke customer development boards.

  • 2.0GHz Wireless Bridge
  • Down converter technology, with switchable 5GHz/2GHZ RF Paths
  • 2×2 Mimo configuration
  • Secondary CPU to handle bespoke IO
  • Support for Satellite modem interface
  • 4.9GHz to 900MHz band translator
  • selectable output bandwidth, targeting 5/10/20MHZ operation
  • 30dBm output power
  • Filtering to supress interference with GPC receivers
  • Strong interferer supression
  • Mixer modem
  • Seperates out TX & RX signal paths for each chain
  • 4.9GHz Operation
  • 5/10/20/40HZ Support
  • Low power
  • Small form factor AP
  • Battery powered
  • Integrated antenna
  • 3G WiFi Router
  • Supports USB 3G Wifi Dongles
  • Lithium Polymer battery support
  • Integrated battery charger
  • Spare USB port for additional peripherals